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Summer Fun is Coming!

We just finished up our “Words Inspired By” Poetry Collage Program at the Cahuenga Public Library in Los Angeles in April! We love talking about poetry during poetry month round and reminding everyone just how much poetry is all around us, but poetry is best experienced ALL YEAR ROUND! If you haven’t brought this program to your community yet, … Continue reading

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A special place for all of us: the libraries

There’s little in this world that fills my heart with lightness like a library. On Friday nights sometimes that’s where you’ll find me. As someone who has come to love the intimacy and delicate character of each of 4 library systems (LA County, LAPL, SM, and Pasadena) and their branches as I’ve explored living in LA, … Continue reading

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Tip #1 from a new Screenwriting Stylebook: Fall in love with action verbs!

Falling in love with action verbs is the single best way and fastest way to improve your writing whether it is scriptwriting, fiction, nonfiction or poetry. Writers who can develop a nice library of action verbs and become expert at handling them, can practically seduce a reader into believing anything! Action verbs make characters feel … Continue reading